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Based in Vancouver, Canada, I am an amateur wildlife and landscape photographer. An avid traveler, I've criss-crossed the globe in pursuit of adventure and all the stunning photographic subjects along the way.

Born in New Zealand and raised in Canada, my love of landscape photography comes naturally. In my own backyard, the west coast of British Columbia, access to jaw dropping scenes is abundant and it’s a passion to capture these places through the lens. It’s also been inspiration to explore the world and relish in the sheer variety nature provides. 

My love of wildlife photography was sparked on my first safari to Africa in 2008. It was an experience that fundamentally changed the way I saw the world and I've been returning to the continent ever since. Whether it be witnessing the wildebeest migration in Tanzania, trekking for gorillas in Rwanda, or walking with elephants in Zimbabwe, I just haven't been able to get enough and I don't suspect I ever will.

Please feel free to keep in touch.

- Shaadi Faris