Lion Hunting

So big game hunting is in the news, again.  This time a woman named Melissa Bachman, host of an American TV show focussed on hunting, has stirred controversy after she posts photos of herself on Facebook beaming behind the carcass of a dead male lion.

Here's a link to the story:

This subject certainly strikes a chord with me.  I've spent many hours in the bush of East Africa patiently watching lions as they play, sleep, reproduce.  There's nothing like being in the presence of a lion, an increasingly endangered animal that some consider on the brink of extinction (in the wild, at least).

What really gets me about people like Michelle, though, is the conservation shield they absurdly hide behind.  "Think of all the money in permits we pay!" they cry.  "We fund so much conservation work"!  What nonsense.  Only the most deluded person can believe someone like Michelle Bachman is in it for the conservation.  Look at the photos and videos of her with her victims.  Look at the mile-wide smile and the way she relishes in what she's just done.  This is about the perverted joy she gets in killing, nothing more.    If she cared about conserving anything, she could just cut a cheque and that lion would still be breathing.

So, in honour of Michelle and those like her, I'm going to share a few lions I've shot myself.  With my camera, of course.