A Lone Female Lion. Or is She?

This beautiful female was moving through the tall grass towards us.  Where she was heading, I don't know but she was moving with purpose.  The Serengeti had received lots of rains and with the grass so tall we were fortunate to spot her, and more fortunate to have her walking towards us.  It wasn't until she was almost on top of us before we realized she wasn't alone!

Shot this with the 70-200 2.8L MK2. I make a point of putting the 500mm down and trying to get more contextual shots.  While it's nice to be able to get right in on the subject and fill up the frame, often I find the more interesting shot involves putting the animal in her environment.  Tells a better story, often times.  That and I think the 70-200 mkII is perhaps the finest zoom lens in the world.