Christmas in NYC

New York is probably my favorite city in the world to visit.  Paris is probably a very close second.  I love busy cities, I love density, I love being in the centre of it all.  New York really has no equal in this respect.

I spent New Years in NYC which was something I was truly looking forward to.  There's something iconic about New York during the Christmas season.  We've all seen the movies set in NYC during the holidays and there's certainly a magical quality about it.  The weather was actually relatively mild while I was there and so I tried to get out and take photos as much as I could.

The biggest problem was dealing with the crowds.  NYC just doesn't slow down.  Ever.  Especially at Christmas.  The toughest part of this photo was clearing enough space for me and my tripod and then waiting for a window of time large enough to get a clear shot.  

I've been to New York a few times now, but always in the winter.  Would love to head back when the weather is warm.